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This page describes the eligibility criteria and process used for our 2022 cohort.
We are finalizing the criteria and application process for our 2023 cohort.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a U.S. Digital Corps Fellow! Applying to federal government jobs can be quite different than in other industries. To help you with the process, we outlined each step along the way on this page and answered your frequently asked questions.

Applications are currently closed.
Applications for our next cohort will open in Summer/Fall 2022. Join our mailing list for updates.

Before submitting your application for the Digital Corps, we encourage you to:

  1. Understand your eligibility

    Eligibility criteria is for the June 2022 cohort, the program is exploring the expansion of eligibility criteria for the 2023 cohort.

    Before applying, ensure that you meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

    • You must be a United States citizen or national (resident of American Samoa or Swains Island).
    • You must be available to begin work as a Digital Corps Fellow when the cohort begins, typically mid summer each year. Exact start dates will be communicated to candidates during the selection process.
    • You understand that you will be required to undergo and pass a government background check.
    • You understand that Digital Corps Fellows, like all federal employees, are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID‑19, subject to such exemptions as required by law.
    • You meet the eligibility requirements for the Pathways Recent Graduate program (currently enrolled students who will graduate prior to the cohort start date are eligible):
      • You are a recent graduate who, at the time of application, has received an associates, bachelors, masters, professional, doctorate, vocational or technical degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution within the past two years, OR
      • You are a preference-eligible Veteran who, at the time of application, was precluded from applying within two years of meeting the above educational requirements due to a military service obligation. You have been discharged/released from active duty within the last two years, and it has not been more than six years from the date you originally met the educational requirements.
    • You have at least one of the below:
      • One cumulative year of experience related to the track you are applying to. This can include paid or unpaid internships, volunteer experiences, student organizations, and jobs, OR
      • An advanced degree (e.g. masters, PhD) in a technology field
  2. Prepare to apply

    Prior to submitting an application for the U.S. Digital Corps, you should:

    • Review details about the program opportunity, including location and fellowship experience.
    • Review our eligibility criteria.
    • Select your track. We are recruiting Digital Corps Fellows in five skill tracks: software engineering, data science and analytics, product management, design, and cybersecurity.

      Apply for the track in which you have the most experience. It’s okay if you have experience or interest in more than one area, but we recommend that you select the track that most closely matches your skill set. Doing so will help our team thoughtfully pair candidates with agencies and projects. Your track selection will not limit the projects you are considered for and Digital Corps Fellows will have ample opportunity to learn and grow in areas beyond their selected track.

    • Prepare your resume and transcript.
      • Resume. Create a resume (federal resumes not required!) that reflects the specialized experience statement for your selected track. Your resume must reflect either one cumulative year of experience in your track or an advanced degree in a technology field.

        Subject matter experts will review up to three pages of your resume: the first page regarding your education—including relevant coursework, projects, and presentations—and the first two pages detailing your paid and unpaid work experiences, volunteering, student organizations, and other relevant experiences. Read below for additional resume suggestions; more information regarding resume best practices is available on Join TTS. You may upload your own resume or use the USAJOBS Resume Builder.

      • Transcript or certificate of completion (official or unofficial). If you are currently enrolled, you can submit proof of enrollment. All candidates will be required to certify that they meet the Pathways Recent Graduate eligibility requirements before selection.
    • If you require accommodations at any point of the application or hiring process, please contact GSA HR.
  3. Craft a competitive application

    Here are some suggestions for crafting a competitive Digital Corps application:

    • Apply early, as applications in each track may close before the deadline.
    • Thoroughly review our website and FAQs.
    • Be as descriptive and detailed as possible when creating your resume. Some tips:
      • Use the entirety of the three pages (one for education and two for experience) that will be reviewed by subject matter experts. Your resume should reflect the specialized experience statement in your track.
      • If you include skills, tools, and technologies you have used, be sure to describe the context of how and why those skills were used in each experience—do not just list these in a separate section.
      • Don’t just include paid positions or expressly technical positions. We are interested in your ability to work with different groups, stakeholders, and contexts.
      • If you are qualifying using one cumulative year of experience (as opposed to an advanced degree in a technology field), note that this is equivalent to 52 weeks at 40 hours a week. For part-time positions, be sure to include the number of hours you worked each week (e.g. 10 hours/week).
      • Refer to the resume resources on Join TTS when creating your resume.
  4. Participate in the selection process and timeline

    We’ve included an overview and tentative timeline of our selection process to help in your planning. Applicants will be able to view their application status on USAJOBS; the platform does not send confirmation emails and we will be unable to provide updates on the status of your application until all Fellows are selected.

    During the application process, all applicants will have the opportunity to consent to sharing their name, application materials, and assessment results with other agencies to be considered for open positions beyond the U.S. Digital Corps. Your choice will not affect your application.

    If you require accommodations at any point of the application or hiring process, please contact GSA HR.

    Applications are closed. Applicants will be able to see their application status on USAJOBS after applying. All applications submitted before the application closed will be considered equally. If there are substantially more applicants than Digital Corps openings, applications that are not in the top category may be held at each stage of the process detailed below.

    Up to three pages of your resume (two pages of experience and one page of education) will be reviewed by subject matter experts in the track you applied to. If your resume reflects the minimum qualifications for the position, you will receive a short take‑home assignment to complete.

    The assignment will be track‑specific and take no longer than two hours to complete. You will have one week to submit the assessment, which will also be reviewed by subject matter experts.

    If your take-home assignment meets the required competencies for your track, you will be invited to a phone interview. You should expect your interview to cover both technical and non-technical (behavioral) questions.

    All interviews will be conducted virtually. Live captioning and other accessibility assistance is available for all candidates. If you require accommodations at any point of the application or hiring process, please contact GSA HR.

    Veterans' preference will be applied to applicants who move forward after the phone interview stage.

    Qualified candidates will have an opportunity to interview with U.S. Digital Corps host agencies and their project champions based on mutual interest and alignment of skill sets. Candidates at this stage will receive additional information about specific agency projects.

    Upon consultation with host agencies, we will finalize agency placements and offers. As the Digital Corps operates within the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), the GSA HR team will make tentative offers to selected candidates. Tentative offers are contingent on passing a background check.

    As your offer details will depend on your work location, we will work with you and your agency to determine your preferred work location subject to the position requirements and telework policies of your agency.

    Our team will also set up calls for incoming Digital Corps Fellows to welcome you to the program and our community, and answer any questions.

    Once you accept your tentative offer, you will receive an email from the HR onboarding system. You will need to login and accept your tentative offer. You will be asked to complete a series of forms and receive a USAaccess email requesting you to schedule a time to provide your fingerprints for your security clearance and complete an e‑QIP security questionnaire.

    Once your e‑QIP has been initially cleared, you will receive an interim security clearance, and a GSA HR specialist will call you with a final offer. At this stage, GSA HR and the Digital Corps team will confirm your late June 2022 start date.

    Note: We do not recommend you give notice or resign from your current employer (if applicable) until you receive your final offer with a confirmed start date from HR.

    The exact start date for Fellows in late June 2022 will be announced during the final selection process.

See our Frequently Asked Questions
for more information.

Thank you for making it this far! We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application. Join our mailing list to stay in touch with the U.S. Digital Corps.

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