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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Corps Fellows are able to work remotely, in-person, or in a hybrid model subject to the needs of their placement agency. Fellows have the option of working from Washington D.C. where many agencies are headquartered. Your location will be negotiated and determined during the selection process.

Fellows who are not located in Washington, D.C. should expect to travel occasionally for agency work and/or program events. All official travel costs will be covered by the program.

Yes, Fellows’ salary will vary depending on work location (including telework) according to the Office of Personnel Management’s locality pay tables. All Digital Corps Fellows will begin the two-year program at the GS‑9 pay level and receive a recruitment incentive.

Fellows will receive a total recruitment incentive equivalent to 50% of the GS-9 starting salary, with the payout weighted toward the first year. As an example, in 2022 with the recruitment incentive, Washington, D.C.-based Fellows will have a starting total salary above $82,000.

Yes, students are eligible to apply in advance of their expected graduation or completion date as long as they meet the program eligibility criteria at the time of the program’s start, typically mid summer.

The U.S. Digital Corps can only accept certificates and degrees from accredited colleges, universities, schools, or institutions. You can use the Department of Education's accredited schools database to look up your school's accreditation.

Yes, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for the Digital Corps.

No. Anyone who meets our eligibility criteria is able to apply.

We are not able to accept or consider letters of recommendation or other materials not explicitly requested during the application process.

We recommend that you select the track that most closely matches your skill set. Doing so will help our team thoughtfully pair candidates with agencies and projects. Your track selection will not limit the projects you are considered for and Digital Corps Fellows will have ample opportunity to learn and grow in areas beyond their selected track.

During the selection process, candidates will have the opportunity to indicate their interests and preferences. Ultimately, Fellows’ placements will be based on mutual interest with agencies and alignment of skill sets.

Our June 2022 cohort included 38 Fellows total across the five tracks, and we anticipate scaling the program significantly in the coming years. The exact breakdown among tracks will depend on agency project specifics.

Digital Corps Fellows will work at the same agency for the duration of the fellowship, though we anticipate you will have opportunities to contribute to multiple high-impact projects over the course of the two years.

Yes, if you’re not selected, please apply to future opportunities.

During the application process, all applicants will have the opportunity to consent to sharing their name, application materials, and assessment results with other agencies to be considered for open positions beyond the U.S. Digital Corps. Your choice will not affect your application.

Fellows who successfully complete the two-year fellowship will be eligible to convert to full-time, career positions in the competitive service at their agency.

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