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Thomas Phung

Thomas is a proud second-generation Asian American born and raised in Washington state, where he earned his Bachelor’s in Software Development at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

To Thomas, it’s a duty—and a privilege—to serve the American people as a way to give back to his communities.

Despite being an early-career technologist, Thomas has been heavily involved in open-source wiki projects as a volunteer administrator, moderator, developer, researcher, and editor for over five years. What started as a hobby of fixing typos blossomed into a passion for developing solutions that deliver accurate, relevant, and timely information to educate the public. Thomas strongly believes that online spaces (and by extension, society at large) deserve accountability, participation, transparency, and inclusivity through information equity.

Outside of software development, Thomas is a curious individual who is passionate about topics such as Internet culture, the video game and anime industries, wikis, open data, video game photography, digital archiving, and politics.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"There is a camaraderie and shared purpose that I dearly miss from academia. During my transformative years, I had the honor to learn, study, and work alongside a close-knit cohort of motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds who shared a vision of excellence and growth. Fast forward to the present, the U.S. Digital Corps offers a unique opportunity to grow professionally and personally in a similar positive environment that fosters future leaders who will serve the public and empower them through technology. I am ecstatic to see where this journey takes me and other like-minded USDC Fellows. Let’s build an equitable future together!"

Fun Fact:

Thomas has a strong nostalgia for the first generation of Bionicle. He misses the intricate lore, worldbuilding, and storylines that accompanied our hero Toa who embodies these Three Virtues: Unity, Duty, and Destiny.

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