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Samantha Noor

Samantha is a dedicated public health professional who blends creativity and systems thinking to design empathy-driven, research-based solutions. As a first-generation college graduate, she holds degrees in Neuroscience (BS) and Public Health (MPH) from the University of Southern California. Her interest in technology and healthcare emerged during her time at the USC Brain and Creativity Institute working on a virtual reality project to improve healthcare outcomes for people with disabilities. Samantha’s exposure to the world of civic technology came during her graduate program, where she worked as a service designer with the Los Angeles Department of Health Services to help expand the access to medications for addiction treatment among underserved communities.

With a dedication to incorporating diverse perspectives, culture, and inclusive design, Samantha strives to prioritize accessibility in her work. Prior to joining the U.S. Digital Corps, she worked internationally across Africa, Asia, and Latin America contributing to global health consulting projects. Additionally, Samantha has offered her expertise in public health and design through freelance services, collaborating with clients in the non-profit, philanthropic, and startup spaces. Beyond her professional pursuits, Samantha finds joy in rock climbing, creating calligraphy, and making music.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"I joined the U.S. Digital Corps because it resonated with my passion for utilizing technology to promote social good and provided me an opportunity to enact meaningful change in government and policymaking. This unique opportunity allows me to work in a role where I can contribute to fostering trust in government, enhancing equity of service delivery, and making a substantial impact on those in need. Moreover, I am thrilled to be part of a cohort that offers unparalleled mentorship, training, and a supportive community that values public service."

Fun Fact:

Samantha once performed an aria inside South Africa’s Cango Caves.

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