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Nick Adams

Nick graduated from Eastern Washington University and holds a B.S. in Computer Science with a minor in Cybersecurity. His academic journey revolved around machine learning, cybersecurity, and simulation, driven by the belief that these cutting-edge fields have the potential to positively impact people’s lives. His notable achievements include co-developing a GPU server for machine learning students and co-organizing a machine learning club where he gave informative talks on generative adversarial networks. During his capstone project, Nick made significant contributions to an Apple Watch app designed for St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute to aid veterans with brain trauma and severe PTSD. His proudest accomplishment involved creating an efficient logistic regression module that monitored heart rate variability, enabling early detection of potential attacks and empowering users to employ appropriate mitigation strategies.

Outside of school or work, Nick’s insatiable curiosity drives him to continually pursue new knowledge and skills. He immerses himself in various activities such as stargazing through his telescope, crafting custom electronics using microcontrollers and 3D-printed parts, and cultivating a thriving vegetable garden. Passionate about the wonders of science, Nick actively engages with the latest research papers in fields spanning from public health to physics, ensuring he stays informed and intellectually stimulated.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"The USDC listing instantly piqued my interest when my significant other, aware of my aspiration for a career in public service, shared it with me. The idea of utilizing my skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of citizens resonated deeply with me and served as a driving force behind my decision to apply. Moreover, the program's focus on recruiting individuals at the early stages of their careers aligned seamlessly with my goals and aspirtaions as a recent graduate."

Fun Fact:

As a kid, Nick wanted to be an entomologist. He could be found out in nature pulling up rocks and digging through the garden in search of various arthropods.

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