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Meenu Bhooshanan

Meenu graduated from Washington University in St. Louis as a John B. Ervin scholar, with a B.A. in Global Studies (International Affairs concentration), second major in Computer Science, and a minor in Arabic. During her undergraduate years, she was involved with a South Asian equality collective working to raise awareness about and combat caste discrimination. She also served as a residential advisor, teaching assistant for the computer science department, government and public policy fellow at the career center, and a mentor in the Women in Computer Science club.

Meenu is an interdisciplinary technologist, with industry experience in software engineering, cybersecurity, and data science. She has worked on artificial intelligence systems and zero trust, helped pivot teams to Agile, and developed hardware automation testing scripts. Meenu aspires to utilize her technological background and domain knowledge to help redefine national security and make government services more equitable.

Outside of her professional life, Meenu loves to cook global cuisines and try local restaurants. She is an avid reader, writer, crocheter, lover of music, and explorer of new places.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"I was seeking an opportunity that would enable me to use my skills to effect change in and help improve government services. The Digital Corps seemed like a perfect springboard to break into federal government as an early-career technologist."

Fun Fact:

Meenu was inspired to join public service while studying abroad in Jordan in 2016 through a State Department-funded scholarship to learn Arabic. Connecting with others through food was an experience she’ll never forget—her host mom cooked unforgettable Jordanian food, and Meenu made pancakes and tandoori chicken for her in return!

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