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Lylybell Teran

Lylybell, a first-generation Hispanic college graduate, is deeply committed to promoting diversity in data science and making meaningful contributions to government organizations. With prior experience in such institutions, her journey in data science is fueled by a strong desire to create a positive impact on society. Guided by her career mantra of using data for good, she passionately harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to foster inclusivity and drive positive change in the field.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"My motivation to join USDC stems from a deep desire to contribute to projects with real-world impact. The opportunity to be part of a collective effort that drives positive governmental change through technology, specifically for the benefit of the American public, has fueled my enthusiasm to join the Digital Corps. I am excited to collaborate with like-minded professionals and utilize my skills in data science to make a meaningful difference in society."

Fun Fact:

Lylybell loves pursuing dance in various styles including hip hop, street jazz, and jazz funk.

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