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Louisa Sholar

Louisa graduated from Georgetown University with a Master’s in Public Policy. She is passionate about the use of design, data, and technology to improve government service delivery and social safety net access, viewing these efforts as part of a greater framework to achieve gender and economic justice and increase trust in civic institutions. Her research experience at Georgetown;s Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation and time serving in local government honed her interest in public service and policy implementation as a way to affect policy outcomes and launched her interest in digital services teams.

Louisa is a frequent traveler on the Carolinian Amtrak line to and from D.C. She attended Elon University and served as a Lead for North Carolina Fellow during the domestic onset of the coronavirus pandemic. In her spare time, she enjoys being part of running communities in D.C., spending time outside, and tinkering with Spotify playlists, her to-read lists, and sewing projects.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"It's such a unique time for the civic tech and public interest tech fields — there is so much momentum, attention, and resources directed towards increasing tech and service design capacity at all levels of government right now, especially within federal agencies. USDC is a unique opportunity within this unique window."

Fun Fact:

Louisa likes learning about textile, fabric, and clothing history and design.

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