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Justin Baldridge

Justin graduated from Webster University in St. Louis with a B.S. in Games and Game Design and a minor in Japanese. As an undergrad, Justin was an avid programmer, often assisting on multiple projects for fellow students. He served on the board of the Game Development Association, led a team as Project Director on an original project, and his final Independent Study won Best of Show at Kinematifest.

Through working in close collaboration with his peers and professors, Justin has witnessed the ability of game arts to positively connect with others in society. He is passionate about using this connection in ways that open minds and create opportunities for conversation.

In his free time, Justin entertains himself by participating in development challenges with strict protocols, themes, and time limits.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"I joined the Digital Corps to learn how to use my experience in design and development to make the world a better place."

Fun Fact:

Justin programmed his first game at 13 years old.

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