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Jonathan Hart

Jonathan has taken a non-traditional path in becoming a data scientist. Originally trained as a biochemist, he studied data science to understand the deluge of data coming from next-generation sequencing and proteomics experiments. As a staff scientist at a research facility, he supported researchers’ genomics experiments to yield insights into oncology research. In addition, he has developed hardware and software infrastructure and data pipelines to efficiently mine the mountain of publicly-available cancer datasets to discover new regulatory genes. His research has been published in leading journals and presented at major conferences. In addition to research, Jonathan enjoys teaching and has had the opportunity to mentor several aspiring scientists through Scripps’ high school internship program.

Jonathan earned a B.S. from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and a Ph.D. from Caltech, both in Chemistry. He was the recipient of a National Cancer Institute Research Specialist Award grant and is a member of the American Association for Cancer Research. A lifelong learner, he has recently graduated with an A.A. in Chinese from Mesa College and continues to learn Chinese.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"During the first few months of 2020, my research institute was closed, and I volunteered to do COVID-19 research in a laboratory. I felt like we were tackling big problems to benefit society. When the time came to look for a new position, I came across the U.S. Digital Corps. It was outside of my field, but I have experience in data science. USDC is open to those who have taken a nontraditional path, and I was excited to see how fellows' projects will impact society."

Fun Fact:

Jonathan loves to hike and has climbed the highest mountain in the continental United States (Mt. Whitney in California). The last major mountain he's been up is Mt. Emei in China. Climbing all 5 of the Taoist sacred mountains in China is on his bucket list.

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