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Isabel Laurenceau

Isabel attended the University of Florida, where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Computer Engineering. She also holds minors in mathematics and dance. At the University of Florida, Isabel worked in the Human Experience Research Lab (HXRL) as a graduate assistant, where her work focused on affective computing, accessible voting, and tech policy. She has contributed and authored multiple publications and holds a patent for her work in the HXRL.

Isabel also spent three summers as a Media Democracy Fund Technology Policy Fellow. In 2020, she worked with the Brennan Center for Justice, where her research provided information for a subsequent resource and expert brief created by staff at the Brennan Center. In 2019, she worked at The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights with their 2020 Census team. Prior to that, Isabel was at Public Knowledge, working on net neutrality issues and drafting internal documents about HIPAA and open source licenses. She is looking forward to contributing to her team at the General Services Administration and exploring to Washington D.C.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"The Digital Corps gives me an opportunity to use my technical skills to reach a wide range of people. I appreciate the fact that the program is designed to allow Fellows to grow in their careers and to provide a community where everyone values public service and meaningful work"

Fun Fact:

Isabel originally considered studying engineering because she loves rollercoasters and wanted to build them.

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