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Chirag Kumar

Chirag is a relentless advocate for using science to address the world’s greatest inequities and advance healthcare for all. In line with this mission, he provided novel modeling to design COVID-19 testing strategies that enabled the Tokyo and Beijing Olympic Games to occur safely, collaborated with the World Health Organization on maternal vaccines to help the world’s sickest children, and gained practical experience in public health interventions with field work implementing the world’s largest study of environmental disinfection in Tamil Nadu, India.

His research interests center on problems of “little data” where underlying surveillance may be scarce but reliable estimates are necessary for informing health policy. He utilizes a highly collaborative process engaging multiple stakeholders and draws inspiration from techniques across fields to develop models that still provide deep and actionable insight.

His work has been published and he gave a TEDx Talk illuminating his vision for how science should be used in service of society. He is a recent graduate of Princeton University where he studied Chemistry with minors in Applied Mathematics, Global Health, and Quantitative Biology.

What Inspired You To Join The U.S. Digital Corps?

"Government plays such a central role in all of our lives, so it must work for all people. I am drawn to USDC because it presents an opportunity to simultaneously learn from deep technical and policy expertise of government leaders while working on critical and impactful problems and government programs. I am excited to begin my career by ensuring that technology is advancing the lives of all Americans!"

Fun Fact:

Chirag collects playing cards from around the world and is trying to complete a set of cards from every national park in the US! He also loves card games (bridge!), so please feel free to knock on his door (or ring a virtual doorbell) for a card game session!

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